Company trip to the U.S.A! ①


The first group left Japan on January 31st.

After we arrived at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, 
we went to the Bass Pro Shops neat the airport.



A Japanese professional angler Kazuki Kitajima who lives in America joined us and guided us during our stay.
The next day, we had an early start.


We stopped by at a local fishing tackle, then went to Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center.
The Freshwater Fisheries Center is for enhancement, conservation and stewardship of aquatic resources in Texas.
It was a great experience.It was a great place to learn about how freshwater fish are populated in the waters of Texas.


Afterwards, we visited LAKE FORK TROPHY LURES.
We took a factory tour and could see how their products are made.
The owner is just a great person and the tour was super awesome!




We were going fishing the next day, so we went to a fishing tackle shop after visiting the factory and got ready for it.




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