BackLash Fishign Trip to Thailand ②

・Day 3

A long-waited day!!Fishing in Thailand!!!We went to a pond that was born from quarrying. Since river’s water runs into the pond, it is a great pond for fishing native fish. We missed some fish but caught some in the morning.

We had Tom Yum Kung Noodle Soup for lunch.It was very tasty and addicting!!We had 40 bowls of Tom Yum Kung Noodle Soup!!!(The bowl was small.)

After lunch we went to a fishing tackle shop and did some shopping.

We started fishing again in the evening.We were able to catch fish but fishing was tough.

The owner of this pond has many made-in-Japan lures.We gave MOLAMOLA / Backlash special color as a gift from us.As you can see in in one of our pictures, he keeps his lures organized in his own way.He doesn’t use a tackle box but uses his hat for storing lures.It’s quite novel!!

We have one more fishing day tomorrow.Hope we can catch more fish and bigger fish!!!

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