BackLash Fishigng Trip to Thailand 【Group 2】①

The second group took an overnight flight to Thailand just a few days after the 1st group returned.


・Day 1

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Air port early in the morning and we visited The Sanctuary of Truth on the first day.It was breathtakingly beautiful!!After that we enjoyed ATV-4 wheel buggy off road adventure.It was 32km drive.Bumpy, dusty, dirty driving but it was very exciting and thrilling.

・Day 2

Noodles for breakfast at a local noodle stand.
We headed to Pattaya to take a boat ride to the amazing coral island Koh Larn.
We rented motorbikes and drove all the way around Koh Larn.
We wanted to try things which we can’t do in Japan during the trip.
Going to a shooting range was one of them.
We had a really fun day.

Time goes by so quick when you are having fun.
☆ Fishing on DAY 3 and DAY 4 !!!

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