IMAKATSU / Fujin Spider Trailer 

New material is used for making IMAKATSU / Fujin Spider Trailer. 
It is very soft and allows the bait puts out terrific action with very little movement.

It is a material for floating soft plastic baits.
It means it must be easy to maintain a horizontal position.
I guess, Fujin Spider Trailer + EGU-DAMA Type-LEVEL will keep perfect horizontal position.

[BackLash Staff / Morishita]

☆ IMAKATSU / Fujin Spider Trailer ☆

◆Body size:5.5cm(Includes legs :9cm), Width 1cm(Includes legs : 3.5cm)
◆Quantity :8 per pack


■Quantity:1 per pack
■Size :2.5g・3.5g・4.5g・1.5g・2.0g
■Original Tapered Rubber
■Ryugi / Cyber metal TC coat hook

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