2023 DRT TinyKlash lucky bag

[We are taking pre-orders.]

Pre-order starts at 12:00 (Japan time) on December 20th.

*This product is scheduled to be shipped by the end of December.

  • You cannot cancel your order after placing it.

*Please note that there is a risk that the server may go down due to the concentration of access.

*In the unlikely event that overselling (out of stock) occurs due to the concentration of access, we may not be able to prepare the ordered product.
(In that case, it will be shipped in an alternative color type or canceled)

In order to prevent trouble, if you order a DRT lucky bag, we will assume that you have agreed to the above.
[2023 lucky bag]

DRT Tiny Klash Lucky Bag
・DRT Tiny Klash 1 piece
・Happy bass puzzle (design drawn by Mr. Masayat) 1 piece
・Thermos pottery tumbler 420 (bespoke backlash design) 1 piece
・Route mag reel light (backlash bespoke design) 1 piece
・Daiichi Seiko itokuzu winder (backlash bespoke design) 1 piece
・Magbite mag tank free XL (bespoke backlash design) 1 piece
・DRT Tiny Klash V-tail or transfer tail 1 piece
・Raid Japan Egudama 2 pieces
・deps Bull Slender 4.7 1 piece
・JUSTER FISH or Raid Japan worm One of them
・ZAPPU Brady 1 piece
・ZAPPU Bow head 1 piece
・hard lure 1 piece
・Outdoor Spice Horinishi 1 piece

You can choose the color type for Tiny Klash, but please note that the others will be assorted. (Tiny Klash selectable color type)
・A・Gsmelt/Low backlash original color
・A・Gsmelt/Hi Backlash original color
・N・F chrome/Low backlash original color
・N・F chrome/Hi backlash original color
・L.Sproblue/Low backlash original color
・L.Sproblue/Hi Backlash original color
・Pro blue/Low ・Crystal Flash/Low
・256/Low ・Queen/Low

・Kosei Ban Ban/Low

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