Convenient item for tying fishing knot!

“LINE TWISTER” is highly recommended for anglers

who don’t like to tie PE line and a fluorocarbon shock leader.

If you are not good at tying fishing knot, why don’t you try it?


Just put batteries in, and set the line.

And only you have to do is turn it on.

Then “LINE TWISTER” winds the PE line

around shock leader easily.

This is a very convenient item not only for Bass fishing

but also for squid fishing or jigging.


This is really modern and convenient!

Mr. Saito visited us at Backlash! / the 3rd place at the US open

Mr. Saito and our staff Mr. Hashimoto were classmates

in a fishing college.

He came back from America, and visited us at Backlash

to report about the US open yesterday.

The result was…he took the 3rd place !!!


Congratulations for the third place!


When he visited us, he was wearing his tournament shirt,

and showed us the plaque!

Speaking of fishing in America, we think it is very dynamic,

but fishing on Lake Mead seems quite tough.

He said that his winning pattern on Lake Mead was DOWN SHOT.


He enjoyed chatting with our staff at Backlash.

They had good time.

Last year, he bought a really big swim bait

as a gift in America.


This year, he bought a Bass Pro Shop tumbler as a gift.


The design is very American!

Thank you very much.

We were very happy that he visited us
Thank you for visiting us, Mr.Saito.

He said that he was still suffering from jet lag.

We hope he will get over it soon.

He will take part in the US open next year again.

We hope that he will be the winner.