DRT in-store event

We held a DRT in-store event on April 14th.
The event was a great success.
Many people queued up for hours at our store from early in the morning.
We displayed DRT products, prototypes, and ARTEX, and also sold KLASH 9 and TINY KLASH in BackLash special colors(# L・S problue / # A・G smelt / # N・F chrome) and DRT GAME PACK BackLash special color # ForestCamo.
Team DRT came to the event and we all had a great time.
The event was a blast!!

THE KEEP CAST is coming soon!!

THE KEEP CAST is annual lure fishing show in Nagoya, Japan.
It is the biggest fishing event in this area(Central Japan).
Manufacturers are almost ready for the big days.
Event limited items and new products will be on display. Also there will be various events such as workshops.
You can also enjoy shopping at the event.
◆Dates & Times
・Saturday, March 9th, 9:00AM – 5:00PM
・Sunday, March 10th, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

In-store event / LIVRE HANDLE




LIVRE HANDLE in-store event was held on January 27th.
Many people joined us for the awesome events.
Thank you everyone for coming to the event,
and we also want to say thank you to LIVRE TEAM for holding the event at our shop.




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