In-Store GAN CRAFT Event at BackLash

In-Store GAN CRAFT Event was held on Oct. 20th.Many people from adults to children enjoyed Geki Yoshida’s(GAN CRAFT) workshop related to lures and fishing techniques.

We sold JOINTED CLAW178 event-special-colors(# gekizo-purple, # gekizo-black), stickers, apparel, and more.We always have a lottery at the end of In-Store events.

The GAN CRAFT Event was no exception.Lucky winners won great prizes.We hope everyone enjoyed the event.

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Thank you to our river clean-up volunteers.

River clean-up activities took place in the Gosan river and along its riparian areas on Monday, October 14th.

We removed a lot of garbage from in and around the river.
More action needed to clean up rivers and lakes.
If you see a piece of litter, pick it up!!