FIELDSTYLE JAMBOREE 2020 was held on Nov.28th and 29th
at AICHI SKY EXPO which is near Chubu Centrair International Airport.
They had a limited number of entry to the event due to COVID-19.

Many outdoor manufacturers displayed cool outdoor items at
their booths, and the atmosphere of the event was different from that of a Fishing Show.
RGM and BLAST TRAIL also had their booths there.

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River Cleanup

Over 300 anglers participated in the Oe river Cleanup which was held on Nov.22nd.Some of our staff also participated in it.We found countless plastic bottles, cigarette butt, tangled fishing lines, and small items, and removed them from many areas of the river bank.

After the cleanup, some fishing tackle manufacturers had their booths and displayed their new items and hot selling items.

We had a great day cleaning up the Oe river. Thank you to everyone who participated in the activity.

*Please take your garbage home and if you see garbage along a river while fishing, please take them home to help keep the river clean.


In-Store LIVRE HANDLE Event was held on Jan. 25th.
LIVRE HANDLE parts were available to customize handles.
Many people came and customized thier handles in accordance with their fishing styles.

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