Field report(Japan) / Gosan river

One of our customer bought a Kistler KLX-BBC70MH the other day.
He always dresses nicely.
We said to him that we were waiting for his fishing report.


Then he posted his fishing report so quickly.
He caught a big one with a metal vibration lure on Gosan river.
It was 55cm in length.
He said that Kistler KLX-BBC70MH was durable enough.


Though KLX is a rod with micro guides, it gives you a long cast.
It is not just a stiff rod but it has the supple tip.
So you can cast proper with the weight of lure.
The supple tip prevents breakage of lips or the body of a fish.

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A great angler.

Our staff Makita went fishing Mr. U(10TEN FEET UNDER).
Makita didn’t catch at all, but he said he learned a lot from Mr. U.


Mr. U caught 4 fish.
He can use finesse fishing techniques really well.
And he found and caught fish even he only had a short time.
He is a great angler.
Makita was really happy with the fishing with Mr. U.