Field report / DRT × BackLash Original color # L・Sproblue


We’ve got a field report from our customer.



Rod : Tulala / Monstruo 74
Lure: DRT / TINY KLASH # L・Sproblue




Fishing was tough and the lure I chose didn’t work well.
I changed my lure and cast TINY KLASH # L・Sproblue.
Fish took it right away!




Lakes and rivers have clear water during cold winter months.
Clear colors such as # L・Sproblue are effective for daytime fishing.
Nogales / TG GRENADE SINKER QUICK CHANGER is a must have item. You can change the sinkers quickly.




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Field report / BackLash Staff Hashimoto



I went fishing with our customer.
Our fishing guide was Mr. Miyahiro.
The popular magnum crankbait “BLEN’KEN” was developed and manufactured under the supervision of him.



Muddy, low light conditions.
It was a good day to try TINY KLASH # A・G smelt(BackLash original color / sample).



Mr. Miyahiro had a bite and caugth the first fish of the day on SKT MAGNUM.
Afterwards we had some bites but short strikes and missed them.


The fish finder showed a lot of bluegill moving around near the weeds and a few baby Ayu at middle depth.
We knew baby Ayu were there, we cast Alabama rigs.
Our customer, Mr. T caught 50cm beautiful bass on TREASURE TRAP!!



Mr. Miyahiro also caught nice one on TREASURE TRAP! !!!
He used Geecrack / GYRO STAR3.5″ for the trailers.



As for me, I was trying out TINY KLASH # A・G smelt(BackLash original color / sample).
Attached long lip to it, wide lip to it …
Cast it and let it suspend or jerk …
Finally, long-awaited bite !!!!
Nice bass was caught on TINY KLASH # A・G smelt(BackLash original color / sample / High Float)!!!!
It was “Wide lip + V tail “.
This color is really effective for fishing in muddy water or under low light conditions.



Fishing was tough on the day, but I had a great tiem chatting with them.
Mr. Miyahiro taught us some tips and techniques for fishing crankbait.
Thanks for his advise I was able to catch largemouth bass on TINY KLASH.


As I got really sleepy after fishing, I went to my parents’ house and stayed overnight there.
The next day, on my way back home, I stopped by a muddy river to try TINY KLASH # A・G smelt(BackLash original color/ sample) again.
Nice bass was caught on the third cast.
It was “Long lip + V tail+ Sheet weight(Just a little bit)+ Nihon no Buhinya / Snap No.1 “.
It worked really well!!!


Field report / BackLash Staff Asano


My friend is enjoying fishing trip in Thailand.
He dropped by at our shop before the trip and bought some lures and WORLD MONSTER .
Today I got a field report from him!

He caught his first Giant Snakehead on deps / MAD WAVER.




Afterwards Barramundi was caught on a metal vibration lure.


He said “DoLive Shad + CORN HEAD BLADE works well.””
He caught countless fish!!