Dear online customers,

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Dear online customers,

BackLash will be closed from Tuesday, January 16th to Thursday, January 18th due to annual company fishing trip.
We are afraid that we may not be able to respond emails for overseas customers until Sunday, January 21st.

* We accept your orders during the period.




Hot selling items / deps



deps / New SLIDE SWIMMER are still available at BackLash.
They are hot selling items and few in stock.
Hurry before they sell out!!




★BackLash web shop【deps / SLIDE SWIMMER】

★BackLash web shop【deps】


★ BackLash Web shop


Field report / A・G smelt


A・G smelt went on sale beginning of January.
There was a long line of people waiting outside to get “DRT / TINY KLASH & KLASH9 BackLash original color # A・G smelt” on the day.Surprisingly, the first customer started to line up at 3:00 a.m.!!!
They sold out so quickly, and we’ve got the first A・G smelt field report from our customer!!
It’s really cold everyday and fishing is tough on Lake Biwa, but he caught nice fish on DRT / Tiny Klash # A・G smelt.


☆ Field report



“I went fishing but didn’t catch any fish”.
This streak continued for some days but nice fish was caught on DRT / Tiny Klash # A・G smelt!!!
I was really excited and happy to catch it on # A・G smelt.


◆ Rod / Tulala Monstruo 79
◆ Line / Sanyo Nylon  GT-R Ultra 20lb
◆ Lure / DRT  TINY KLASH # A・G smelt