BackLash Staff Cup on the water at Lake Biwa / Result


BackLash Staff Cup takes place six times a year.
It was the fist one for this year.
It was cloudy and chilly at Lake Biwa yesterday,
but we had a great fishing day.

The number of participants : 35
The number of boats : 21

The result was…

10th Uda(RYUGI)

o0719096013630647350     o0719096013630647357

9th  Sakamoto(Restaffine) / FALL SHAKER, Light rig

o0719096013630647365    o0719096013630647371

8th Suzuki(ZAPPU) / MOON CURLY, Drop Shot Rig

o0719096013630647380     o0719096013630647391

7th Yamaguchi(MARUKYU) / ESCAPE TWIN

o0719096013630647405     o0719096013630647410

6th Hashimoto(BackLash)

o0719096013630647423     o0719096013630647435



5th Hayashi / Easy Shaker

o0719096013630649241     o0719096013630649253


o0719096013630649264    o0719096013630649272

3rd Teramachi(Dynamics) / ENGINE LIVING STRAIGHT5.5,
Neko rig (wacky rig with a nail weight)

o0719096013630649283     o0719096013630649298

2nd Ito(Dynamics)

o0719096013630649311     o0719096013630649328

1st Yamashita(Deez)

o0719096013630649341     o0719096013630649357

Just before the end of the game,
Mr. Yamashita caught two big fish in a row
including the one which was 3330g in weight.
It’s important not to give up till the very end.

After the Staff Cup, we had a Jyanken game
(Rock-paper-scissors hand game) for juice.

The person who lose it buys drinks for everyone.
Mr. Saito, thank you for your treat.

And thank you everyone for participating BackLash Staff Cup.
Next Staff Cup takes place in May.


We hope a lot of people come and join us again.