OHDRAGON / Impressive Fishing Line

YGK / G-Soul OHDRAGON WX4 F1 SS140 is a sinking braided line.It offers a specific gravity of 1.40, which means it is less slack in windy conditionsand has a quicker rate of fall.It features markings every 1 m, providing a more accurate judgement of depth and has an impressive strength, seamless castability, and versatile performance.


◆Line Color:Green(It features 15cm markings every 1 m)

◆Specific gravity :1.4g / Sinking

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Special Offer DAIWA / Monster BRAVE Z While Stocks Last.

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Back in stock now / Barkley VANISH Revolution

Barkley / VANISH Revolution were out of stock at manufacturer for a longer period of time.
・16lb-20lb ¥1,836(Tax included)
・10lb-14lb ¥1,728(Tax included)
・ 61b-8lb  ¥1,620(Tax included)
・3.5lb-5lb ¥1,458(Tax included)


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