Bass fishing Lake Fork Day 2 – Company trip to the U.S.A!(Second group)

・Temperature 2℃


It was freezing cold again !!
ONETEN worked well on the second day as well!!







We used Mozaic Chatter, davinci, and some other lures but they were no effective.




One of the top Lake Fork fishing guides James said,
“The lure color # KINKURO is very effective during this time of year.
It is a must have color in your tackle box when fishing lake Fork.”
He also said that he choses silver based lures when the water is clear.




We had a good time with our two great fishing guides, James and Kazuki.
It was one of the most exciting fishing experiences we have ever had.



Company trip to the U.S.A!(Second group)


After we arrived at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport,
we had a quick lunch and went to Bass Pro Shops.





It’s an incredibly huge place!!!
An exciting place to shop!!!




Something really surprising happened there.
We ran into a Japanese pro angler Daisuke Oaki!!





The USA is a big country and the Bass Pro Shops is huge!!
We were so glad we ran into him.




Next day, a Japanese pro angler Kazuki and Lake Fork fishing guide James joined us in the morning.





We left our accommodation and dropped by some fishing tackle stores on our way to lake Fork.




We arrived at our accommodation in the evening where we spent two nights.


We went to a nearby fishing tackle shop to buy fishing licenses.
We were ready to go fishing!!!