Field test / Original inflatable boat

Field test for our original inflatable boats early in the morning.
We tested two boats in different sizes.


After the field test, we decides to stop prototype development for the smaller one.
We’ll continue to develop our original inflatable boat to bring you one of the best inflatable boats that allows you to get to hard to reach places.
We are putting effort into creating it to meet anglers needs.

Hot selling item / HONDEX HE-9000



Back in stock now!
HONDEX / HE-9000




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Kayak Experience



We are selling river fishing kayaks “Jackson kayak” bedides fishing tackle.
We went for kayak fishing on Nagara river last week.


Loading a kayak on and off a car is very easy.
Very stable and comfortable fishing kayaks that is perfect for river or lake fishing.
They help to get anglers into places that normal boats can’t go.