BackLash Staff Cup #2 / Lake Biwa

BackLash Staff Cup takes place six times a year.

The meeting place was”Karasuma fisherman’s park”.
As soon as we got there, we were getting ready for the Staff Cup.
It was cloudy again, but all the participants had good fishing day!


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The number of participants : 14

Result(5th ~10th)

10th Nomura

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9th Sato

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8th Hashimoto

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7th Yoshida

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5th Oshima
5th Yoshihara


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New Arrival / North Fork Composites J Custom 2.0PFR610ML

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North Fork Composites J Custom 2.0PFR610ML arrived!!!

The list of J Custom 2.0 available at BackLash.

・PFR610ML(Just arrived!)
・JPR65ML(manufacturer out- of-stocks)
・UTR68H(manufacturer out- of-stocks )
・UTR68MH(manufacturer out- of-stocks )
・UTR68XH(manufacturer out- of-stocks )
・PCR71MH(manufacturer out- of-stocks )
・PCR71MHEP(manufacturer out- of-stocks )
・TCR610L(manufacturer out- of-stocks )


Many of them are manufacturer out- of-stocks.
If you are interested in J Custom 2.0,
get it before it sold out!

BackLash Web shop(J Custom 2.0)

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