My favorite lure “B7 DEEP”

This is about one of my favorite lures “B7 DEEP”.


It’s handmade and the material is not balsa wood

but red cedar with a heavy specific gravity.

Its body is hard wood.

Compare to balsa wood and hard wood,

the specific gravity and buoyancy is really different.

Both of them have strong points.

Hard wood is heavy, so hard wood lure can be cast

really far away, and it’s not easy to flow.

It means it is a good material for deep crank.

You can move it a little smoothly and largely,

but it is possible to keep it in the water.

And also, you can move it slowly at thebottom of the water.

It’s no wonder that there will be a lot of chances of bite.


And the great appeal of this lure is

not only the performance but the shape.

It is rounded nicely and colored beautifully.

Since it is handmade, it is made with an attention to detail.


Thinking about various things about the lure,

I feel so much for fish that I caught.

Anyway, handmaid lure is really deep and interesting.

This is the one that I want to use a lot

until the wood inseide is seen.

This lure is quite difficult to get.

It is a lure full of love and spirit.

Take this opportunity to use it, and let us know how it is like.



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