Field report / BackLash Staff Asano



When I went to Gosan river for fishing last time,
I lost not only BULLET HEAD Original color
but also two Ano Straight Nail rigs on the day.

My fishing buddy said,
“Ano Straight is really effective for fishing on Gosan river”.

I trusted him and cast it into the point he recommended
several times.
Then I snagged bottom.
He said, “There is a risk of snagging underwater obstacles there.”

I thought “Largemouth bass hang around the location where there is a risk of snagging.”
And I cast it again…and then I snagged bottom again!!!

After that we moved to the next fishing spot.
I saw his Ano Straight. He was using NSS hook!!!

He said “If you use Masu hook(hook for Trout), there will be a high risk of snagging underwater obstacles. ”

I thought “You should have said it first!!”
Next time I will use NSS hook right from the start!!


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