A lure I used at this time of year / BackLash staff Hashimoto


It’s been hard enough to make opportunities to go fishing.
I wanted to remember what lure I used at this time of year,
so I saw my old fishing pictures.


● 2015 / Spring
Place : Southern part of lake Biwa
Lure : LITTLE MAX 1/4
Fish I caught : 58 cm in length / 3130g in weight


I used a spinning rod and made LITTLE MAX lift and fall.
Spinning rod allows anglers to perform smoothly and it’s comfortable to use in wide-open waters.
The color I used was # Prespawn Dynamite.
It’s a must have color for spring fishing!

Casting LITTLE MAX 1oz far out with a long baitcasting rod sounds good.
Or maybe I try CIRCUIT VIB this year.

Metal baits are not only for winter fishing.
They work well at this time of year.



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