We held an in store RAID JAPAN event on May 28.
Many people come to the event.
Tomonari Oka(RAID JAPAN) had a fishing talk show.
He talked about his fishing and tips for using RAID JAPAN tackles.
Also his fishing tackles were displayed.
Many people asked Mr. Oka about fishing.



Event limited color DODGE was available for purchase on the day. Customers who purchased over 5,000 yen (Must include RAID JAPAN items) could play lottery.
The prizes were RAID JAPAN items which were not for sale.
We played Janken game(Rock, Paper, Scissors game)after his talk show.
The winners got gorgeous RAID JAPAN products as the prizes.


All the people who joined the event seemed to enjoy it.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who made our RAID JAPAN event a success.




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