Staff Recommendations / BackLash Staff Hashimoto



As well as Curly tail worms, no sinker style rigs have been working well lately. Pin tail worms are mainly used for non sinker style rig.




The falling action of DoLive Stick is really good.
It swims by itself and makes body rolling action when it falls.
Also you can choose the falling speed.


・DoLive Stick SPEC1(Blue package) – Heavy concentration of impregnated salt


・DoLive Stick SPEC2(Red package) – Non-salt model.The belly is impregnated with a little salt.


SPEC2 falls slower than SPEC1.


DEATHADDER is great for fishing in weed and structure areas.



Attach a hook to DEATHADDER as shown in the picture.


Reel it in slowly, it will swim in S curves.
You can have different types of actions, depending on the shapes of worms.


★BackLash Web Shop【DoLive Stick】

★BackLash Web Shop【DEATHADDER】


★ BackLash Web shop



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