Shad lures & Worm fishigng techniques / BackLash Staff Hashimoto

It’s been raining a lot lately.
The water levels of rivers and lakes have risen.
Water is muddy and flowing at great seed.
Under such fishing conditions, structures such as branches, bushes, and man-made structures are great places to fish, and catching fish with Shad lures by using worm fishing techniques is especially fun!!

It’s really easy.
When your lure hits the water, reel it in.
Slowly reel it in around the structure and sometimes lightly shake your rod for quick left right darting.

If you let your shad lure hit the bottom, it can imitate crab or shrimp.Use the same fishing technique as above.

There are so many kind of shad lures.
Rattle in shad, SR, MR, floating, suspend etc…
Choose a right shad lure to match the fishing conditions at hand.


When I went fishing last time, the water was really muddy.
I used Geecrack / SUGURI. The rattling sound got the fish’s attention and the swimming action attracted fish to it.
It worked well and I caught nice fish!

Try it out!


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