Early autumn fishing

We have sunny days and cool mornings and nights.
We’ve received some autumn fishing field reports.

Lake Biwa fishing guide Mr. Shibata(MARCHE GUIDE SERVICE) caught a lot of largemouth bass.


◆Fish size :
61cm・59cm・56cm・53cm・52cm・51cm・12 over 40cm fish

He caught them only in the morning.Awesome!!!
The Chatterbait he used was Jackall / BREAK BLADE + Jackall / i SHAD TAIL.


Mr. Shibata’s HP


BREAK BLADE W.S is also available at Backlash.


When a Japanese professional angler Mr. Kataoka won the TOP 50, he tuned his blade and it helped him to win the tournament.
Jackall commercialized the blade.
It’s a bit smaller than normal model and has a longer rubber skirt.It responds quickly to your action and it is suited for short pitch.

We have a wide variety of Jackall products.
Visit our web shop and find something good.


★BackLash web shop【Jackall】


★ BackLash Web shop



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