Lake Biwa fishing / Backlash Staff Hashimoto

I went to the northern part of lake Biwa for fishing on my day off.
I couldn’t catch any largemouth bass but I ran into an angler who I really wanted to meet.
I was so happy to have the opportunity to speak to him.
His name is Kentaro Ogata. He’s a great local angler.



We had fun talking about fishing.
After we stopped talking, he caught nice bass on the first cast.




He taught me some fishing tips.
I cast a minnow and had a nice bite, but my fish fighting skill wasn’t good enough and missed it.


We just happened to be using the same bags(Geecrack / Shoulder bag TANK ).
When he was fumbling about in his bag, I thought ” Oh, he’s fumbling about in my bag!”
I love this bag as it can hold a lot.



Geecrack / Shoulder bag TANK is available at BackLash. If you are interested in it, visit our web shop.

【Geecrack / Shoulder bag TANK :…



After saying goodbye to him, I went to another fishing point.
I caught 4 Japanese barbel and 3 Three-lips.
Largemouth bass hit my lure, but I missed them.



★BackLash web shop【Geecrack】


★ BackLash Web shop



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