Fall fishing / BackLash Staff Asano


Inflow river boat fishing.
It flows into Lake Biwa.

I cast out my lure for the first time in several months but felt comfortable. Soon after I started fishing, I caught over 50cm largemouth bass using MOZAIC CHATTER 3/8oz + Gyrostar 3.5″.



I was happy and surprised to catch big fish on my first cast!




・Fishing tackle : NorthForkComposites / UTR68H + 05 Metanium XT + KUREHA / R18BASS16lb
・Water depth : About 80cm




I caught largemouth bass in the same area a couple of years ago.



My fishing buddy caught two largemouth bass on HIGH PITCHER 1.2oz, but they were small.


He kept casting HIGH PITCHER 1.2oz and finally had a big bite, but unfortunately he missed it. It was a big one.
After that he had a big bite again but the bass jumped out of the water and got away. It was a big one again.

We both prefered not to rig a trailer hook on our lures
but it turned out that it’s definitely good to rig a trailer hook on lures.

After that we did shade fishing.
We caught fish using MOZAIC CHATTER, SWAMP CRAWLER and DoLive Curly.



We stopped fishing around noon.
Fish responded to the lures well and the fishing condition was really good on the day.



Hope you guys also enjoy fall fishing.
Don’t forget to bring trailer hooks when you go fishing!

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