Pre-order / Nishine Lure Works “Chippawa RB”



We are taking pre-orders now!!!


◆ Nishine Lure Works “Chippawa RB”


Fat side body which has high pitch and tight wobbling action.


■Type:Round bill crankbait
■Body size:62㎜
■Diving depth:1.5~1.6m(16lb Fluorocarbon fishing line)


Available in 9 colors.

1 BPB Shad
2 Ghost Shad
3 BPB Chartreuse Shad
4 Black Shad
5 Matte Hot Tiger
6 Matte Orange Tiger
7 Red Craw Fish
8 Swamp Craw Fish
9 Brown Craw Fish



* Swimming action of Chippawa RB.


○Estimated arrival : Middle of April
○For International Customers, we only accept PayPal for payments.
○You can’t cancel your order after placing the pre-order.
○We are sorry, but we cannot combine this item with others as the expected delivery date is a little far off.




★BackLash web shop【Pre-order / Chippawa RB】


★ BackLash Web shop




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