Original color / BackLash Staff Hashimoto



◆ reins × BackLash

Back Lash original color “LS Problue” series

reins / Rockvibe shad 3″ is one of my favorite worm lures.
I often use it for night fishing on Lake Biwa.



I usually use KEITECH / SWING IMPACT 3″
but when the water level is high or the wind is strong,
I use Rockvibe shad 3″ as it is heavier than SWING IMPACT 3″ and easy to use.
Also, Rockvibe shad 3″ can be thrown a long distance.
When fishing from a shore, it is often necessary to cast a long distance.
BackLash original color “LS Problue” is a very nice and effective color.Try out “reins × Back Lash / # LS Problue!!




The Jighead I use with Rockvibe shad 3 or SWING IMPACT 3″ are ZAPPU / COCHO COCHO HEAD and ROUND HEAD / INCH.


COCHO COCHO HEAD works well in boulder areas.
ROUND HEAD / INCH will hook and hold winter bass and won’t miss your catch!


★ BackLash Web shop【reins / Backlash original color】


★ BackLash Web shop



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