Must have lures for spring fishing. / BackLash Staff Hashimoto

Are you ready for spring fishing??
Geecrack / Leaf Shrimp4.8 (Jika rig) is one of the most effective lures for spring fishing.
It produced great results last spring!!!
This year, Geecrack changed the material from the old one to S・A・F Material.
This original material really attracts fish!!!
Get Leaf Shrimp 4.8, set up and fish the Jika rig to catch spring largemouth bass.
To set up a Jika rig, you’ll need four things.
・ Hook
・ Swivel
・ Sprit ring
・ Sinker
Jika rig is a very important soft plastic rig.
It is very effective from spring to Autumn.
When you are fishing thick weeds, use a heavier sinker.
It can be used as a Punch shot rig.
★ BackLash Web shop【Geecracl / Leaf Shrimp】
★ BackLash Web shop

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