Field report / BackLash Staff Hashimoto


Fishing lake Biwa with Akira(Akira fishing guide service).

We started fishing on the water in the Northern part of the lake,
but had only one bite in the morning.
We moved to the Southern part of the lake in the afternoon.
Soon after we moved to the Southern part, we had bites on Death Adder Stick4.5 / Neko rig!!
It is salt impregnated and permits adequate casting distance.
It also has a great action and awesome colors.
The water was muddy on the day, so # BLUE MAROON was the effective color.
I think if the water was clear, # CLEAR & WATERMELON would be effective.



After that we used KID / G2 Straight which will be arriving at BackLash soon.
It worked really well and we caught a lot of nice fish!!!



Though we had only one bite in the morning, it was a good fishing day.

◆ Fishing tackles we used.

・Line: FLUOROCARBON 5lbs + 8lbs + Shock Leader
・Lure: deps / Death Adder Stick4.5, KID / G2 Straight
・Hook: ZAPPU / Neko rig hook 1/0

*Rod : Geecrack / Double Dutch70UL CAT WALK
*Reel: Shimano / STELLA 2500S+LIVRE, WING98 Easy custom
*Line: SeaGuar R18 5lbs
*Hook: Gamakatsu 329HD
*Sinker: Hooters / Nail Sinker1.8g
*Lure: deps / Death Adder 4.5, KID / G2 Straight



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