Field report / BackLash Staff Hashimoto


Fishing Lake Biwa with my co-worker.
Spring is here and I got off to a pretty good start.




I caught pot-bellied bass on BLEN’KEN / NOVEL 120HF.



After we enjoyed fishing on the water of Northern part of the lake,we moved to the Southern part.

I cast KID / G2 Straight as it worked really well when I did fishing on Lake Biwa last time.
It worked well as I expected and I caught long, thin bass!



Then I chose Fat Ika # 002 SMOKE(Rig : NAIL RIG [HOOTERS / TUNGSTEN NAIL SINKER1.8g] and caught pot-bellied bass again!!



Afterwards we moved to another fishing point.
Cast swim jig to the edge of cover and when it hit the bottom, I reeled it in quickly. I had a bite.It wasn’t a big bass but I was happy to catch it.
We had a pretty good day of fishing.



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