I participated in 2018 BackLash Staff Cup # 1.
I got into Mr. Mougi’s(Lake Biwa fishing guide) boat and we started out fishing.
He is an excellent shallow-water angler.I learn a lot from him.



We found the good spot to fish!
We cast BOREAS / MOZAIC CHATTER again and again.
Nice pre-spawn bass hit my bait(MOZAIC CHATTER / Brush Guard + BARBUTE # Original color CHART-LAKE-GILL)!!!


After that we moved to the weed mat area.
Good weed area for bass fishing!!
He said “We can expect to catch nice bass.”
As he said, nice bass hit MOZAIC CHATTER + Ultravibe Speed Craw.
Also punching weed mat with Ultravibe Speed Worm / 3/4oz sinker worked well and I got nice fish again.
I used the rod G・Loomis NRX.
I could fight and land the fish on the rod without worring about the rod durability.

We moved to another shallow area.
He said “We can expect to catch nice bass.”
Soon after that, as he said, we both caught bass!
The fish I caught was nice-sized bass but the one he caught was bigger than mine!!
It was 62cm / 3670g.
I was really exciting to see him catching it!!


Fishing with Mr. Mougi was very exiting and productive.
I got the 7th place and he got the first place!!!




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