MATSURABA + BULL FLAT5.8 / BackLash Staff Hashimoto

When we held a DEPS in-store event, DEPS pro staff Mr. Matsushita showed us his fishing tackle.
I saw MATSURABA + BULLFLAT5.8 was in his tackle box.
I was interested in it and asked him how he uses it.
He said “MATSURABA + BULLFLAT5.8 is excellent!!It has a great action and attracts bass, especially big bass!”
He takes a few strands of the weedguard out for better hook penetration.
If it doesn’t work, he cuts the weedguard short diagonally.
Also bending the hook point slightly outerward(about 1mm) will help you get better hook sets.
MATSURABA and BULLFLAT5.8 are available at BackLash.
Get MATSURABA + BULLFLAT5.8 for catching big fish!!
★ BackLash Web shop【MATSURABA】
★ BackLash Web shop【BULL FLAT】
★ BackLash Web shop

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