BackLash Staff Cup / Lake Biwa



BackLash Staff Cup was held on July 19.
It was a boiling hot day.
There were few participants due to the hot weather.
Only 9 anglers.

1 Mr. MIzutani / 3 fish / 4410g / Lure – G-Crawler4.8(Neko rig), Imo-ripper slim(No sinker style)

2 Mr. Yakumaru / 2 fish / 3190g / Lure – Bunny Hog 1oz(Heavy Texas rig)

3 Mr. Miyazaki / 2 fish-2710g / Lure – G-Crawler(Neko rig), SPINYCRAW(Heavy drop shot rig)

4 Mr. Oshima / 1 fish-2110g / Lure – G-Crawler(Neko rig)

It was tough to catch nice fish during bright, sunny and hot conditions.
Successful anglers know what to use and where to fish!!


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