Legend Power Hawg / BackLash Staff Asano

I used to go boat fishing with my father when I was a child.
Some twenty years ago, my favorite fishing and tackle store’s staff said to me
“Texas rigged Power Hawg(Bio Salt model) is the lure to get bass to bite on the watere of southern part of Lake Biwa.”
I bought it and cast it on the next day.
To my surprise, I was able to catch a lot of bass!!
It was so much fun catching them on Power Hawg.
I still clearly remember it.
Legend Power Hawg is available at backLash.
Watch Legend Power Hawg fishing video.
(Click here to watch → https://youtu.be/2PsgX7Zd2AU)
Then go our webshop and get Legend Power Hawg before you go fishing!
★ Legend Power Hawg
◆ Size:4inch
◆ Weight:Approximately 8.5g
◆ Quantity:7 per pack
★ BackLash Web shop(Legend Power Hawg)
★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)
★ BackLash Web shop

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