Field report / Cold weather fishing



It’s been getting cold lately.
Catching bass in cold weather is tough, but it can still be done.
We’ve got a field report from our customer.
He caught many fish on COVER SCAT + Punch Skirt!!





He said “The secret is GEECRACK / BUBBLE NAIL.It helped me to catch many fish in cold weather condition.
Just insert it into your fishing worm and cast.It really attracts fish and entices a bite. You!ll be able to catch many fish.”




I  fished without using BUBBLE NAIL.
Fish hit the bait but escaped without being hooked.
I did the same thing over and over again but always the same result.
So I fished by using BUBBLE NAIL in the same area.
Fish took the bait in its mouth and run with it!!!
Let the fish run for 10 seconds and I set the hook firmly in the mouth of the fish.
Bubbles are released in the water and the shrimp scent is emitted into the water.
It causes fish to hold the lure longer.






YouTube / Geecrack Channel


★ BackLash Web shop(Geecrack / Bubble Nail)


★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)
★ BackLash Web shop



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