Field report / Valleyhill BackLash Special color



We’ve received awesome photos from our customer!!
He caught all the big bass on Valleyhill / EBI SHAD # LEGEND-SMOKE(BackLash special color).




LEGEND-SMOKE is a great color.It really attracts bass and entices it.




Rod :Crazy Bass Studio / Lunatic
Reel :Shimano 16 ANTARES DCHG
Line :Main liene =FLUORO CARBON 16lb / Leader=FLUORO CARBON 14lb
Lure :Valleyhill / EBI SHAD # LEGEND-SMOKE(BackLash special color)
Rig : Heavy Carolina rig





He also caught bass on MAGUNAMU SWAMP / NEKO RIG, but the fish which were caught on EBI SHAD / Heavy Carolina rig
were bigger and fatter than that.



★ BackLash Web shop(Valleyhill / EBI SHAD)


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★ BackLash Web shop


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