In-Store Raid Japan Event at BackLash

In-Store Raid Japan Event was held on May 26th.
SLP works joined the event and made it more lively and fun.
Tomonari Oka(RAID JAPAN) held a workshop about fishing on Gosan river.
He gave a demonstration talk on a topic related to baits, rigging, fishing conditions, and more.
After the workshop, we had a lottery.
Lucky winners got Gladiator Anti, DUDGE and popular fishing items as prizes.
We sold DEKA-DODGE event-special-color # COACHDOG and also their new products “2Way” and “Avi50” on the day.
We hope everyone enjoyed the event.
★ BackLash Web shop(RAID JAPAN)
Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)
★ BackLash Web shop

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