BackLash Staff Cup / Results

BackLash Staff Cup was held on the water of lake Biwa on May 29th.
It was really windy and fishing was tough but the participants grabbed good chances of catching nice bass.
[Rank / Name / Lure]
1 Mr. Fujiwara / MAGNUM SWAMP CRAWLER(Neko rig)
2 Mr. Mizutani / Bellows Gill 3.8(Offset hook, Sinker tuned)
3 Mr. Hirose(Geecrack) / Bellows Gill 2.8(Running sinker rig)
4 Mr. Suzuki(Zappu) / Flick Shake(INCH-WACKY0.9g),Bellows Gill 2.8(Running sinker rig), KUT TAIL WORM(JIGHEAD)
5 Mr. Yoshihara / Yahman Stick6 / Neko rig

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