Valleyhill / Tube plier comes with a very convenient tool.

When you rig the Neko rig or Wacky rig, you use a Silicone Tube.
However sometimes it is difficult to know which size to use.
In that case this soft plastic worm measure will help you.
Just put your soft plastic bait into the hole, you ‘ll see the size of the silicone Tube
which matches to the bait.
The soft plastic worm in the picture fits in the 8mm hole.
It means,  8mm Silicone rubber Tube is the best size.
If you use heat shrink type tube, use the bigger one, 10mm.
Valleyhill / Tube pliers comes with this convenient soft plastic worm measure.
If you are interested in it, visit our web shop!!
★ BackLash Web shop(Valleyhill / Tube plier)
★Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)
★ BackLash Web shop

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