11th Annual VITAL SPIRIT VS BACKLASH Fishing Competition took place on October 9th.
It was a windy day but we all had a productive fishing day!

☆ Personal results ☆

Place / Participant / Fish Weight


1 / Akira(BackLash) / 6140g

2 / Hashimoto(BackLash) / 5260g

3 / Kunizawa(VITAL SPIRIT) / 3350g

4 / Sakuma(BackLash)

5 / Teramachi(BackLash) / 2430g

6 / Ohno(BackLash)   / 2200g

7 / Tsujimoto(VITAL SPIRIT)  / 1670g

☆ Team results(Total weight of 10 fish) ☆

・BACKLASH :18370g



Akira[Akira Guide Service] won the 1 place in the individual division. “I fished as usual,” he said in his acceptance speech.

His fishing skills were great!!He chose Geecrack / Revival Shad for catching bigger bass.He led BackLash to victory, and also won a prize for the biggest fish of the tournament(Fish size :2670g). We won this annual fishing competition for the first time in three years.

We want to say thank you to Akira again and hope he will join us next year again.

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