Field report / GaryYamamoto – KREATURE WORM

◎ Field report from our customer.

・Lure : GaryYamamoto / KREATURE WORM (Back Lash Special Color # COKE)

・Rig : Texas rig

・Result : 10 fish(41cm ~41cm – 4 fish)

I caught about 10 largemouth bass on KREATURE WORM(Back Lash Special Color # COKE) .Most of the bites were at the mid-depth range.Largemouth bass tend to be deeper in early autumn but they move up and down to different water depth in search of food.

When I target fish in different water depth, I rig a KREATURE WORM inserting a hook point into the tail side of the bait.By doing so, the double grub tail moves against the flow of water and moves more water.

If you are fishing for deep water bass, try RYGI / FOOTBALL HEAD with KREATURE WORM.It will help you catch nice autumn bass.

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