Metal Vibration Lures

Hot selling metal Vibration Lure at BackLash.

・Ever Green / LITTLE MAX

・deps / CIRCUIT VIB・

issei / G.C. ZARI METAL


When you buy metal Vibration Lures, don’t forget to buy spare hooks.We offer wide variety of fishing hooks such as GAMAKATSU / DOUBLE21 and RYUGI / PIERCE DOUBLE HOOK TC COAT.

Items which make your Metal Vibration Lures more effective are also available at BackLash.

★ BackLash Web Shop(Ever Green / LITTLE MAX)


★ BackLash Web Shop(deps / CIRCUIT VIB)


★ BackLash Web Shop(issei / G.C. ZARI METAL)


★ BackLash Web Shop(O.S.P / OVER RIDE)


★ BackLash Web Shop(Gamakatsu)


★ BackLash Web Shop(Ryugi / PIERCE DOUBLE HOOK TC COAT)


★ BackLash Web Shop(ZAPPU / TINSEL)

★Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)


★ BackLash Web shop


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