Crazy Bass Studio / RAVAGE

Pre-order items have arrived.Customers who placed pre-orders for “Crazy Bass Studio / RAVAGE”, please wait a little while until they are ready to ship.

RAVAGE is already sold out but we’ve started taking pre-orders for the rods again.They will be arriving in December. If you want to secure one of these, pre-order now!

☆☆Crazy Bass Studio / RAVAGE☆☆



■Power :Extra Heavy

■Lure :MAX 4oz

■Line :MAX 30lb

■Features:All titanium double foot guides, Sic-S Ring

■Grip :Detachable

We are taking pre-orders now!!!

○Estimated arrival : December

○For International Customers, we only accept PayPal for payments.

○You can’t cancel your order after placing the pre-order.
★ BackLash Web Shop(Crazy Bass Studio / RAVAGE)

★Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)


★ BackLash Web shop


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