REBOUND STICKs catch lots of fish.They can be rigged on No sinker style, Texas rig, Jig head, Neko rig …

I love fishing with them.Choosing the right hook is very important.I recommend ICHIKAWA FISHING / PK-2 for fishing with REBOUND STICK.They are perfect match.

I always use them like this.


・ REBOUND STICK 6 – 0/4 or 0/3

・ REBOUND STICK 5 – 0/3 or 0/2

Sure to satisfy even the most experienced angler!

【BACKLASH STAFF / Morishita】

★ BackLash Web Shop(deps / REBOUND STICK)


★ BackLash Web Shop(ICHIKAWA FISHING/ PK-2)


★Web shop(Shipping & Payment / English page)↓↓↓
★ BackLash Web shop↓↓↓

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