Is that a heavy FREE RIG?(“OMOI” means heavy in Japanese)
As you may know, Free rig is one of the popular rigs in Japan.

To rig a free rig, you need a cylindrical weight with a round loop. Slip it onto your line before tying a hook on.The weight can slide freely along the line

RAID JAPAN, Kanta Uemori has been trying OMO FREE RIG.It is a free rig which uses heavier weight.You can cast it longer distance.The weight sinks straight down but the soft bait sinks slowly and stays longer in the water column.It can offer natural presentation for a longer time.When it hits the bottom, just drag it along the bottom

☆ Things you need. ☆
・Your favorite soft plastic bait (RAID JAPAN / BATTLE HOG 3.8 or 4.4, OSP / DoLIVE BEAVER 4″,Gary YAMAMOTO / KREATURE,deps / BULLFLAT, deps / BARBUTE)

・Straight sinker【Cylindrical weight】 (HOOTERS DROPSHOT SINKER)

OMO FREE RIG is a great rig.It allows greater casting distance and much less snagging.Rig one and go fishing to check it out.



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