FIELD REPORT / Fishing Dolive Shad 6″

I went to lake Biwa with my fishing buddy. Crankbait worked well in the area last time,but fish didn’t respond to it on the day.So, I chose Dolive Shad 6″ # Gripan Shad and cast it into the shallow area which has a drop off. Retrieved it along the drop off.Soon big bass took the bait.Beautiful early spring bass was caught!!

The best hook size for Dolive Shad 6″ is 6/0 ~ 7/0, but I usually use 5/0 ~ 6/0.Also I put a nail sinker to it.

Lure : Dolive Shad 6″ # Gripan ShadRod : 73 remix Reel : 16 Metanium MGL HGLine : DAIWA / Monster BRAVE 16lbHook : INFINI 5/0

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