Nishine Lure Works / New products

☆ Nishine Drop Shot Minnow3.4

■Size : 85mm (3.4in)
■Weight: 2.8g(1 piece)
■Pieces: 7

Soft plastic bait for fishing smallmouth bass in clear water.
Designed for Drop shot rig.

◎ Underwater action of Nishine Drop Shot Minnow3.4

☆ Nishine Namazu5′

◆Size:125mm (5″)
◆Weight:15g (1 piece)

Heavily salt impregnated soft bait.
Rid it No sinker style on an offset hook.
You can easily skip it.
It can be rigged several different ways.

◎ Underwater action of Nishine Namazu5′

★ BackLash Web Shop(Nishine Drop Shot Minnow)

★ BackLash Web Shop(Nishine Namazu5′)

★ BackLash Web Shop(Nishine Lure Works)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)

★ BackLash Web shop

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