Tough fishing!!!

☆ Field report

I left BACKLASH with my co-workers early in the morningand went to Lake Biwa for the first time in a long time.As soon as we got there, we started the preparation for fishing.I love the time before fishing.

Fishing lake Biwa wasn’t easy but I managed to catch my first bass of this year on GEECRACK / SPIRON 2.8g, Light Texas rig.

(My co-workers’ results)

【BackLash Staff / Inoue】

★ BackLash Web Shop(GEECRACK / SPIRON)↓↓↓

★ BackLash Web Shop(GEECRACK)↓↓↓

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)


★ BackLash Web shop


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