Fishing Bellows Stick

Fishing on my day off.
Targeted offshore break line for bass around baitfish.Cast out Geecrack / Bellows Stick(Nail rig) and retrievedmaking the lure produce i-Motion action.
Then, bass started to chase it!I let the bait fall to the bottom.When it hit the bottom it hit the bait!
I got very excited about catching nice-sized bass!

◎ Tackle

・Lure : Bellows Stick8(Neko rig)

・Rod : Megabass / New DESTROYER F5-72X

【BackLash Staff / Morishita】
★ BackLash Web Shop(Geecrack / Bellows Stick)


★ BackLash Web Shop(Geecrack)


★ BackLash Web Shop(Megabass)


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