Geecrack / SPK Hook!!

Hooks for Geecrack / RIVIVAL SHAD(Jika rig) .

☆ Geecrack / SPK Hook ☆

◆Hook size:# 2, # 6
◆Quantity:8 Hooks, 20 Brush guards per pack

◇ Best hook size

・RIVIVAL SHAD4″ – SPK Hook # 2
・RIVIVAL SHAD3″ – SPK Hook # 6

〇 How to set up(See the photos)

【RIVIVAL SHAD+SPK Hook+Brush guard】

Insert a brush guard into the hook’s eye,
and cut it.See the pictures for the best length of the brush guard.
You can see about 1mm long brush guard on both side.


★ BackLash Web Shop (Geeceack / RIVIVAL SHAD)

★ BackLash Web Shop (Geeceack / SPK Hook)

★ BackLash Web Shop (Geeceack)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)

★ BackLash Web shop

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