GO FISHING / G HANDLE is available at BackLash,
but there are only a few left in stock. 
Hurry up and get one!!

◆Length:95mm, 100mm, 105mm
◆Material: Aluminium plate
◆Compatible models: Daiwa ・ Abu / Shimano (Using mount parts for Shimano.)
◆It comes with a retainer and 3 mount parts for Shimano.

※Center nut is not included.
Genuine center nuts(DAIWA Center nut bolt type cannot be used.) or studio COMPOSITE center nuts are compatible with this handle.

※G HANDLE cannot be mounted on Shimano / ANTARES 12.
It is making contact with the reel and you can’t screw it tight on the reel.
・95mm / Normal gear ratio of 6:1
・100mm / High gear ratio of 7:1
・105mm / Extra high gear ratio of 8:1

★ BackLash Web Shop(GO FISHING / G HANDLE)

★ BackLash Web Shop(GO FISHING)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)

★ BackLash Web shop

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